Carpatho-Rusyns Heritage

 Carpathian Ruthenia

The Stateless Nation

(Carpatho-Rusyn Ethnicity)

Rusyns, also known as Ruthenes (Rusyn: Русины Rusynŷ; also sometimes referred to as Руснакы Rusnakŷ – Rusnaks), are a primarily diasporic ethnic group who speak an East Slavic language known as Rusyn. The Rusyns descend from Ruthenian peoples who did not adopt the use of the ethnonym “Ukrainian” in the early 20th century. As residents of Carpathian Mountains region, Rusyns are also sometimes associated with Slovak highlander community of Gorals (literally, “Highlanders”).

From the group Carpatho-Rusyn Everywhere! on facebook, these magnets and stickers were inspired by their interest.  The Several Designs were given numbers, and they are used in the title of each product.

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Showing all 6 results